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Retractable Terrace

OCTAVIA, manufacturer of pool shelters and retractable terraces

Known for its industry expertise, OCTAVIA, manufacturer of pool enclosures, is also valued for its knowledge in the design and fabrication of telescopic pool and spa enclosures as well as telescopic verandas.

OCTAVIA’s high-tech products range from fixed pool enclosures to retractable terraces and pool floors.

In putting a terrace around your pool, Octavia believes that you’re creating a relaxing, high-quality space in which you can unwind. Whether you opt to install a low, medium or high pool enclosure, you’re adding on a new room to your home. OCTAVIA swimming pool enclosures provide you with the opportunity to prolong your swimming season no matter the weather.

Octavia is the French leader in large made-to-measure structures!

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